China: govt crackdown sees 30 Christians detained, church building sealed

By Rongana Nath for Christian Today

Authorities in China's southern Guangdong province detained 30 members of a house church as part of the state's crackdown on religion. 

The incident took place on the morning of July 10 when the Olive Tree Church's weekly worship service was interrupted by the officials from the religious affairs bureau and police department, according to China Aid, a Christian persecution watchdog group.

The officials took pictures and sealed the church, confiscating property, and disallowing its members to meet. 30 congregants were taken to the police station for questioning.

The officials reportedly took action after Zhong Shuguang, a pastor in Hetian, wrote about religious persecution among Christians in the province online.

Also charged was church leader Jiang Jianping for "conducting activities in the name of a social organization without registration." Jianping's mother collapsed after witnessing the whole incident in the police station.

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