China demands share of church donations amid stricter religious regulations

By Chiqui Guyjoco for the Christian Times

The Chinese state has implemented stricter regulations, including demanding a share of church money and donations in its ongoing efforts to clamp down on Christian churches.

According to China Aid, a watchdog that monitors and exposes Christian persecutions in China, the communist and atheist state recently implemented a tighter grip on Zhejiang province by demanding churches to submit their church income and donations to the government.

The publication also cited an unnamed source who described the current state of affairs for churches in Pingyang County, Wenzhou.

"The government officials will interfere with church affairs, managing our donations and some large-scale projects," the source said. "We have to obtain their (the government's) permission if we would like to buy equipment or decorate the church. We will have to ask for permission for any expenses more than a few thousand yuan."

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