Lady Gaga Interviews The Dalai Lama: Why Is China So Angry About It?

By Kim McLendon for The Inquisitr

Lady Gaga had what could be considered the chance of a lifetime as she was granted the opportunity to interview the Dalai Lama. On Sunday, she sat down with the world renowned wise man to discuss compassion, and how best to meet the needs of a world in pain. Gaga collected questions from her social media. She sorted them and selected questions she deemed appropriate to ask the great wise man.

Dalai Lama was asked to speak at the 84th Annual Conference of Mayors in Indianapolis. The iconic Lady was allowed 20 minutes to speak with the visiting 81-year-old Tibetan exile, who escaped his country decades ago due to religious persecution.

Lady Gaga’s interview and a public question and answer period are shown in the videos below.

The Dalai Lama spoke to the Conference of Mayors, praising the U.S., according to the Times Of India. His topic was “Compassion as a Pillar of World Peace.”

“It [US] is a country known for technological innovation. Your principles are freedom, democracy, and liberty, and these qualities are related to warm-heartedness, respect for others and a concern for others’ well-being.”

Lady Gaga, like most people, considers the Dalai Lama a source of wisdom and inspiration. He is widely regarded as a symbol of compassion and gentleness the world over. Yet this modern-day prophet seems to be public enemy number one in China.

Lady Gaga has been banned from China yet again. She was banned for three years following the release of “Born This Way,” in 2011. This time, she’s in trouble for speaking with what China considers a dangerous separatist seeking independence for Tibet.

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