Christian lawyer who defended churches released from 'black jail'

By Harry Farley for Christian Today

A prominent Christian human rights lawyer in China has been released after being detained by authorities for nearly seven months.

Zhang Kai posted on social media on Wednesday to announce he had been freed and was at his home in Inner Mongolia. It is unclear whether there are any conditions to his release or whether Zhang's health is affected.

China Aid, a human rights and religious freedom charity which has worked alongside Zhang in the past, said relatives have confirmed the post which said: "I am thankful for all friends who were concerned about me during this time and who looked after and comforted my family members."

The Christian lawyer had represented over 100 churches that faced forced removal of their crosses in Zhejiang province on the east coast of China. He also gave advice on how churches could defend themselves and spoke up for pastors who faced charges over their right to free speech.

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