'Confession' of Christian Lawyer Jailed in China Raises Eyebrows

By CBN News

Chinese media recently aired footage of an imprisoned Christian lawyer that depicts him confessing to disturbing social order and endangering state security.

Thursday's disturbing media release marks the six-month anniversary of Chinese human rights lawyer Zhang Kai's imprisonment.

Zhang is a renowned attorney who is dedicated to protecting religious liberties and resisting the communist government's relentless persecution of Chinese Christians.

He tread dangerous political territory by actively fighting the government's devastating campaign to demolish church crosses all over China. 

Zhang and his assistant were apprehended by police August 25, 2015 while he was working to defend local Wenzhou churches against the cross demolitions.

Dr. Fenggang Yang, founder of Purdue's Center on Religion and Chinese Society, released a statement regarding Zhang's confession.

"Zhang Kai is a friend of mine…He was one of the most courageous lawyers in defending Christian churches in Wenzhou," Yang said.

"It is apparent that all Zhang Kai did was providing legal counsel to the willing churches, encouraging their leaders to use the existing law and regulations to defend their own rights," he added.

China Aid reported Zhang was placed under "residential surveillance at a designated location," also known as a "black jail."

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