China’s treatment of Muslims differs from region to region, and from ethnicity to ethnicity. Though the Hui people generally receive the most permissive treatment of all Muslim populations in China, they still face some restrictions - albeit based on geography more than anything else. Meanwhile, Uyghur Muslims feel the brunt of most of the Communist Party’s repressive activities, in part because of their unique historical and cultural heritage.

China asserts that its activities against Uyghur Muslims are justified because of concerns about terrorism. Fair-minded observers argue that China’s assertions about the danger of terrorism are exaggerated and in many cases without foundation. The Chinese Communist Party’s repressive and discriminatory policies have only succeeded in further isolating a population that is simply striving to live and let live. Furthermore, the Chinese government’s actions are exacerbating the very problem that the authorities claim they are trying to solve. The result is that moderate voices are being squeezed out as the Chinese Communist Party attempts to strip religion out of the Uyghur culture in violation of basic human rights protections.  

The stark reality is that life in Xinjiang for the historic Uyghur majority – now a minority in their own land – has become increasingly difficult. The Chinese Communist Party’s main concern is ensuring that it can control any social movement that could risk challenging its hold on any particular region.

However, as the Chinese Communist Party cracks down on religion, Uyghur Muslims increasingly turn toward their religion as a source of strength, which in turn leads to even more restrictions on the practice and teaching of Islam in Xinjiang. Much like in Tibet, what is occurring in Xinjiang is a form of cultural genocide.

The following are the types of policies that China has implemented in Xinjiang in order to repress any manifestation of the native Islamic religion:

Further, the Chinese government has enacted other programs and policies targeted at the Uyghur population as a whole:

This is just a sampling of the types of abuses that the Chinese government is unleashing on Uyghur Muslims. For a more thorough treatment of this issue, please view the following:

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