INITIATIVES FOR CHINA is a grassroots movement dedicated to advancing a peaceful transition to democracy in China. It takes up the cause of freedom of religion, conscience, and belief in its support of greater freedoms for all Chinese citizens. Two of their projects may be found below. Please visit for more information.

Help Seek Truth About the Two Tiananmen Tank Men

Initiatives for China has embarked on a campaign to discover the fates of the two tank men from the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre.  As Time magazine pointed out: “The heroes of the tank picture are two: the unknown figure who risked his life by standing in front of the juggernaut and the driver who rose to the moral challenge by refusing to mow down his compatriot.” The fates of these two individuals remains a mystery today. You can help by signing a petition to Xi Jinping asking for the identities, background, and the whereabouts of the two tank men. It’s fast, easy, and if enough of us sign, it can have an impact.

Global Prayer for China

Each year on June 4, the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre, Initiatives for China organizes a worldwide Global Prayer for China. The inter-religious Global Prayer for China is not just a prayer for the victims of persecution by the Chinese government, but also a prayer for China’s leaders in hopes that they will see the truth of their actions and change their ways. All individuals and organizations are invited to take part. Please visit the Global Prayer for China page to learn more about the Global Prayer for China, as well as to download a copy of the prayer